I'm Dr. Bergman from Cincinnati Family Vet Services, our East Hills location. Today we're giving our top tips to reduce stress when bringing our kitty patients into the clinic.

What's the first tip?

Our first tip is all about the carrier. Keeping your carrier in a central location in your home, lined with a familiar blanket or an item of your clothing, allows the cat to go in and out of the carrier, to rest in it comfortably, and allows them to create a comfortable, more familiar space. You can enhance this by offering food or treats inside.

Dr. Genevieve Bergman
East Hills Veterinary Clinic

What is the next tip?

Our next top tip is all about scents. Cats are very scent-oriented animals, and using sprays like Feliway or Feliway Optimum, both in the carrier or on the blankets inside, can greatly reduce stress for our kitty companions.

What should be the approach during the journey to the vet clinic?

We want to make it a smooth ride and keep everything as calm as possible. Secure the carrier with a seatbelt, play soft, calming music, and avoid loud noises.

What about once in the hospital?

At Cincinnati Family Vet Services, we strive to create a calm, quiet waiting area. Once the cats are in our care, we use the pheromone spray in the exam rooms and treatment area, and we offer lots of tasty treats to help reduce stress.

What should be done once the cat is back home?

We want to positively reinforce them. Offer some of their favorite treats, engage them in some playful activity. This positive association will really help create a better experience for them.

How can pet parents contact Cincinnati Family Vet Services?

Give us a call at 513-831-7444 for our East Hills location or 513-272-1395 for our Red Bank location to make an appointment or ask any questions. We are here to help you and your furry family member all along the way with any support we can give you, and we look forward to seeing you at the clinic soon.