1. The staff at Redbank Veterinary Hospital are top of the line. They are kind, caring individuals who went above and beyond in my pet Mom crisis with my Julio. I couldn’t have had a better experience with this group of absolute Angels.

  2. Red Bank Vet took very good care of my Leda. They took her in on short notice when nobody else would see her. They kept me well informed while I was waiting. She is very rambunctious and they was able to deal with her. When I took her there she hadn’t ate in a few days and I was really worried about her. A couple days later she is eating her blain food diet doing so much better. I’m happy I took her there.

  3. Dr. Weineke was wonderful and comforting. She explained thoroughly what was wrong with my very sick cat, Tom. I appreciate how helpful she was.

  4. Thank you to the Entire Team for all your love compassionate and care you have given my baby Louie in helping him get better! Hats off to the Red bank Veterinary hospital highly recommend Dr Yauckal and the entire support team including Beth, Jessica and Heather! You all are Amazing

  5. Super Nice and answered any/ all questions that i had. Even helped us find out that Lola was a boy and not a girl, so meet Loki lol. They accept bunnies which was awesome.

  6. We switched to RBVH about two years ago and they have been great to us and our pets! Their pricing is very fair and they have helped us with anything that ails our animals.

  7. Staff was very understanding as to our situation, our dog is in congestive heart failure and we just want to make him comfortable and not extend his suffering. The support that we received in our decision made us feel that we made the right decision.

  8. I just love the vets and helpers here, they are so nice. I have taken my last 2 pets here, even had a complicated surgery on an older dog, which went great!

  9. This is the only veterinarian office that I will take any of my four-legged family members to their dedication and love is surpassed by none.

    Amie J.
  10. A vital resource that has assisted in providing the best care for my four legged friend for the last 12 years. They’ve been very empathetic with helping me to adjust with the changes associated with an aging dog and henceforth the patience he deserves and requires.

  11. The amount of care and concern they showed me and my skinny pig was amazing. They did everything they could to educate me on care and treatment. I'm switching all my pets over.

  12. This place is awesome! Staff is very friendly and courteous. No pressure and they love your pet. Price is very reasonable and to me the care provided is better. Grooming is fantastic. I took my dog here years ago but then moved and tried All Creatures. Now we are back with our new family. Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Highly recommend!

  13. The entire staff are phenomenal! They are wonderful and knowledgeable!

  14. The staff here is absolutely wonderful and very thorough with their testing. They make sure to check every possibility rather than just writing a problem off as the easiest and quickest diagnosis.

  15. Best vet ever. They care so much for our dog. We even received a follow up call to check in on him. I can’t imagine going to anyone else.

  16. I love this vet! They have taken wonderful care of my guinea pigs and dogs. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

    Amanda D.
  17. The staff here is absolutely wonderful and very thorough with their testing. They make sure to check every possibility rather than just writing a problem off as the easiest and quickest diagnosis.

  18. We are so happy with the care we get from TAAH for our 2 bearded dragons. Reptiles are hard to snuggle with, but the staff there just love them.

    Sue K.
  19. The staff was very sweet and friendly with my dog. They were very knowledgeable and caring. Always a good experience!

  20. Best vet around and her staff is amazing!

  21. I have been very impressed with the love and care given to my pets ever since Dr. Jen came on board. She and her wonderful staff seem to genuinely love animals. I love all the different things you are doing to keep us connected. LOVE the ID card. Does that double as a drivers license? hee hee Thanks for all you do and how you do it! We would not consider going anywhere else!

    Love, Nancy, Odie and Sadie
  22. Where do I begin? Can I give more than 5 stars? Every single member of the staff here is just so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. It will quickly become apparent that THIS is the very definition of your "friendly neighborhood vet",

    Sasha U.
  23. Recently moved to area and thanking my lucky stars to have found this clinic! When I thought my dog was dying, vet met me at office after-hours. I will be a client for life!

  24. Dr. Lockhart and the entire staff here are AMAZING! They can get you in quickly and everyone is so caring. Greatly affordable compared to most other vets around Cincinnati area.

  25. Thanks so much for the care, love, and attention you put into treating my little Jedi…. And for all the support and understanding you gave me throughout his stay

  26. I’ve been taking my pets here for about 6-7 years and I’ve always had extremely high-quality care. Very friendly and professional staff. Always feel safe and confident when my pets are in their care. They’ve always helped take care of all my pet's problems and get them back to full health.

  27. Your staff was exemplary. I wasn’t sure I if I was going to be able to find a place that I could just walk into and have my stray kitten checked for the really nasty communicable diseases that cats can get. I will exuberantly recommend your practice. And I named her Domino, because of her being a back kitten with two white spots. Her full name Domino le Squeak. Or just Domino for short. Just an FYI. Thank you so much.